New Year. New me! 

By the year coming to an end, we are almost looking at the different things that we did, and we failed at this year. We make so many plans in the first week/month of the year, and as days pass by, we struggle with holding on to it, we struggle to keep up with it, and we move ahead with absolutely no traces of those plans we made. 😛 But don’t worry, this is everybody’s story! 
It’s almost a ritual for people to look back into the year and cherish the wonderful moments, guilt away with a Lil hard memories, and with anxiety or hope look forward for the next upcoming 365/366 days! 😎

So how does it work? How do you find people who seem to have made noticeable changes in their lives in the last year? How do you see people successfully holding on to their plans? 👍

Trust me! I don’t think it works the “New Year, New me – way”. People who start with plans for the new year, vanishes away for a lot of reasons! 😏

1) By now, we all know that New Year resolutions don’t work! In the sense, the thoughts that comes to us on new year eve or day, goes away in the same speed because, we aren’t prepared for that yet, or else we won’t be waiting for a sudden day to oblige. 😩

2) Since nobody sticks on to new year resolutions, we can also shoo it away saying “You know, New Year plans generally don’t work!” 😤

3) Every next day is a New Day. Why wait for a New Year when you can make a solid Plan for the next New day, which can probably work as you are establishing it as in when it comes to your mind, instead of waiting for the stars and moon to come in a straight line?! 😇

4) Okay…… if at all you want to be one among those people who want to stick on to making new year resolutions, make them.. But make sure you have a solid support system who would keep a constant check on whether you are actually doing it! 

5) If you have successfully started establishing your New Year plan and following it everyday, make sure you miss a day or two inbetween, (sounds crazy? but lemme tell you why!) but also make sure that you again get started the third or the fourth day… Because anything you miss more than a week is an already dead plan! But missing to follow your plans inbetween would remind you that you had not been strict or very rigid with yourself, and hence one or two days of missing it would remind you that you can always get back! 😅

6) Don’t, DO NOT, Not to make plans just because one of your friend is making it and it sounds cool. 😥

  • When you make a plan, make sure it is personally significant. 
  • Make points as to why it is important to you and how it will change your life! 
  • Have an idea as to why and when you might fall back, and what could you possibly do to avoid those. It could be as simple as demotivating comments from people, it can be teases, or self-criticisms.. But this shouldn’t stop you. So predict it in prior. 
  • Make a plan that will make you feel motivated throughout the year. 
  • Make a plan that will motivate you to make more plans.

6) Keep the plan simple and short term, you don’t even have to make a plan which is year long. Make a plan which is for a month or two, finish it, and then extend it based on the benefits! 

7) I guess I have said it all, and I hope you know it all now!! 😛 So happy planning! 

Happy living, 

Nish! ❤

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