Path to nowhere!

   Back with a post. I have been getting suggestions on keeping the blog post shorter. So let me give it a try. 😛

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   Life as it is, is a difficult process. To this date, a lot of us, time and again, seek ways to escape through various means. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough to face this cruel world, filled with people who care nothing. 

   We try so hard to seek for the strength, we try telling ourselves that everything’s gonna be fine. We set up goals, and we try and achieve them, although the satisfaction only remains for a short period of time? But why? 

   For a very long time, we have come to believe that life is about a destination, but we don’t realise that it’s a journey that never ends. We cross hardships and difficult times, and feel like we are done with it, just when we are given with more. 

   We breakdown and crumble within.. because, it looks so hard, but what we don’t realise is that, the path we crossed was something that we never imagined that we would. The difficult times seemed impossible, but here you are today, facing more, being brave. 

Of course it’s not easy, but what comes easy goes unnoticed! 

The things that you got easy, is why you think you don’t deserve it. Or that’s the reason why, you don’t value it. 

As, what comes easy never stays, nor leaves a mark!!

   What you are today is a product of your past.. Neither can you erase it, nor can you ignore it. Bits and pieces of it keeps coming in, bringing you back the painful memories. But you crossed it then, when you were alone and weak, you crossed it alone, to prove your strength.. Not to anybody, but to yourself. 

   If you could do that all alone, you can do it again. All by yourself. Because you are strong, and you have the company of a stronger you!! 

   The path that you have chosen is definitely not easy, but trust me, it would be worth it. Don’t try to end the journey inbetween.. For the journey never really ends, all that is unfinished gets carried on! 

   What is life with no ups and downs.. How will you cherish the ups, if you haven’t faced the downs? How will you know the sweetness of happiness, if you haven’t experienced the gruesome sadness? 

Face it. Own it. 

   When loaded with difficulty, look back at the times when you crossed it with courage. You will get the strength that nobody else can give! You are brave, you are wonderful and you are the best! 

Happy living, 

Nish. 🙂

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