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   I have been really lousy to write a blog post. But honestly, I have been super busy. I will make sure I will type out the blog posts on all those areas that I promised. But now, let’s learn how to appreciate the little things in life, and overcome the fear that we’ve got. 
Okay, now tell me something.. what is the most surprising thing that you find in this world? 

Technology? Science? Artificial intelligence? Movie making? Art? Music? What? 

I find nature the most surprising. Ask me why! The beauty in the tiniest visible creature, be it an ant or an insect.. Have you seen it’s functioning? Have you wondered the nano technology involved in the normal functioning of an ant. Isn’t it ridiculous??!! 

Have you wondered how the natural elements in this world can give you a boon, but also destroy the universe. As much as you take pride in the advancement of the world, but if nature decides to stop it all, a single twist, and the world will be nothing but an empty barren land. 

Wonder why!

The ocean.. my most feared place, but once, my most loved place. I remember how much I used to love it. Going to the beach was a weekly ritual, even if I couldn’t go there everyday, I used to make sure that I visited it at least once a week. As I sit by the sea, the positivity used to be contagious. I don’t want to believe that there are humans who would feel the same once he/she has stepped into this place. 

The calmness, the gushing sound of the water, the spreading happiness from children playing around, the harmless love exchanged between couples, vendors making a living out of this place.. Everything about the place used to give me a sense of belonging. No matter what used to be in my head, I knew I became happy. It used to take just a few minutes, and I would be fine. 

But it became the place least visited after a point. After I saw the ruthless act of those waters.. washing away lives, taking all those happiness and belongings from the people, leaving them with nothing but dread and sadness. Taking away families, taking away home, taking away friends, taking away the land.. it was horrific. It was indeed something that left a mark. I witnessed it. I must have been 10 years old. I remember the effects, I remember the news, I remember the pain it left in people, it gives me shivers even till date. Homeless, familyless, and eventually making people feeling-less, I mean numb and dead within. The sea, became the place of million dead, and buried inside. It used to haunt me. 

My house being placed very close to the sea, on days of high tides, I used to hear the sound of those gushing waters.. I used to twist and turn on the bed, with nightmares intruding my sleep, waking up with shock and panic, sweat and trembling, just to realise that everything around me is fine, and it was just a bad dream. 

Today, I am back to being one with the nature. Happy and content with everything in the nature, looking at the tiniest details and cherishing every bit of it. I am back to loving the view of the waters, surrounding me.. containing me. 

But how? 

After all, we were all born with water surrounded, and is believed we are washed away in water after life. 
Seize the day. Seize it. Every day is precious, every day is magic. Once gone, never comes back. A second that passes by, does not return back. You age on an everyday basis, to be honest, on an every second basis. 

The fear, panic, guilt, hatred, sadness, worry, anguish, anxiety, anger and wrath that you are holding on is not worth it. You are only causing your beautiful body, pain and negativity. Let go. Let go of it for yourself. Free your soul. Not for others, but for yourself. 

Even the deepest sin that you have committed, gets washed away with a good deed. Wash it away like how those mighty water washes away everything. Dissolve it. Dissolve your negativity, and fill yourself with positivity. For nothing comes by without a try. 

I tried hard to wash of my fears. Life and death are a part of life, but who am I to pause it and play it when I want. I trained my soul to be one in search of happiness, and however I got it, I relished it. Every bit of it. 

What are you alive for? To cause pain? Or to fill yourself with overflowing happiness?! 

Let go. Let it fly. See it wash away. Love yourself. Love your soul. Happiness, peace and serenity would follow. 

Happy living. 🙂


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