Isn’t making mistakes the most beautiful part of humans? 

Do we all accept that we make errors? How often do we accept? How much do we accept? 

(The write below is an imagination along with stories heard and experiences real!)

While I was a child, I had always wondered, if everybody would think the same way I did! I used to think, if I made a mistake, would I be forgiven the moment I ask sorry?! It used to happen, while I was a child. The mistakes were silly, cute and the damage was minimal. 

As I grew up, I made mistakes. More mistakes. Some that were not-too-bothersome. Few, which were gruesome. 

For a very long time, I felt sinned, for a person who believes in Karma, I feared! As a child, my mistakes were confined to minimal damage. It did not involve feelings, it did not involve breaking hearts, it did not involve thrashing trust. Mistakes as a child, were forgiven, and forgotten, as major part of those mistakes weren’t completely mine, or at least, that’s what everybody said. They said it’s the parents, or the place or the others, but never was I completely held responsible. Those were mistakes that I was scolded for, and punished for, but something that was given by “others-to-me”!! 

As I grew up, things became different. Everytime I made a mistake, and saw the consequences, I took the guilt in me. I punished myself. I rejected myself. Because, self-acceptance was quite difficult. But most importantly, because, there wasn’t anybody from outside who would punish me. Hence I had to punish myself (because punishment is what followed mistakes everytime I made them, since I was a child). The punishments were given “self-to-self” (me-to-me). It wasn’t right. I knew it wasn’t right. I knew I had to do else. But what? 

Everytime I made mistakes, I covered them up. I lied to push them under the blanket. I knew I would get caught some day, but I went ahead. It din’t leave me in peace, nor was I forgiving myself. Over thinking, caused me nothing. I went over and over, it felt like a non-existing circle that I was running in. It felt wrong. But what could I have done? . . . 🙂


Do you agree you’ve made mistakes? Do you agree everybody makes mistake? 

Find me and give me a person who is completely perfect. Perfect in every possible way. . . . . . . . .

Why din’t I find a person? Maybe they don’t exist!! 


I tried hard to find someone who was as pure as the water droplet falling from the sky. Oh wait, is it pure for real? I heard it is a compound of two chemicals making a molecule. 😛


Listen to me carefully, mistakes are meant to be made. The more you mess up, the more you learn. 

  • Once you make a blunder, you would know what isn’t right. You would know what you shouldn’t do. You would know what you exactly want. 
  • The more the bitter experiences, the more you can seek out for not having them. 
  • You’ve been there, were you did a horrible mistake. But aren’t you here, in a much better place, travelling along with life as it is. So, this too shall pass. 
  • Making mistakes isn’t wrong. But you know when it will be wrong, knowing that you are making it, but still going ahead with it. The first time, it wasn’t your mistake, because you weren’t aware. But the second time, it’s your complete consciousness. So don’t call it a mistake. 
  • Yes. Everybody is flawed. But beautifully flawed. Hurting people, breaking hearts, losing trust and damaging relationships, everybody has been there. If you haven’t, great. But if you have, don’t worry, it’s alright. It’s not your fault. It’s not something deliberate you did. It was a learning. Let it be! 
  • Let everything teach you something. Don’t run away. Whatever sense it makes to you, is the right sense. Don’t let others decide what’s right for you. Let yourself decide. You are the best judge for yourself! 

Mistakes are normal. People make them. You make it. It’s okay. Give yourself the ability to see that you aren’t perfect. As we start realising that we aren’t perfect, we will be able to accept others, naturally. Because, our flaws will teach us that everybody is flawed! 🙂

I hope you could relate. Next time, with something else. See you soon! 

Happy living. 🙂

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