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After so long, saying “Hi” from somewhere in the world, in a teeny tiny comfy cozy bed. Why did it takenso long… Simple, the photographer did not comply with the mental image I had for this concept. Although the results aren’t the way I expected, somewhere… something… somehow… (is better than nothing)!! Hence I am sticking with what I have. Bear with me people! 🙂 ❤

received_10156617215768747-01   Mirrors… My long longing love! Forever obsession! Something that I have fell in love with. Although, one thing that has always surprised me about them, is the way it reflects the stimulus (Be it non-living or living things). Objects, (by that, I mean non-living objects) have always looked the same to my eye. Every bit of it has just looked alike. As it is, as the way it appears to my eye, or to any other normal human’s eye. The color, the texture, the feel, the structure… everything has always looked the same, PERFECTly the same, like a duplicate!! Here is an image of Mr. Truffles, looking into the mirror, with all of his demeanour (Noun: Outward behavior/appearance). He looks smart, and fluffy as the way he is. The soft beige color of his cozy frame, looks pleasing even in this picture. The slightly darker shade of the brown bow looks the same, and nice. The smile on his face looks like the normal curve that all of us perceive as a smile. He magnificently stares into the mirror like it’s his given job.

So… this is exactly how a human brain perceives any given object while looking into the mirror. Mirror just seems like a mere reflector. But, is this what happens when we view ourselves?

received_10156617198808747-01-01   I had thought to do some play with my eye: and hence presented my face, with makeup, and without makeup!! (My sincere apologies for the poor quality picture, I promise to make up to it the next time).

As you can see here, the picture shows Mr. Fluffy and the half of a human (Ms. Nichethingsfelt) sitting beside each other. Mr. Fluffy is my bestest friend. He never fails to give me company. Likewise, even in this picture, you could see, he has not let me down. He still looks the same, PICTURE PERFECT!! But, here comes the question of “Is that how I look always?”, “Did the picture do justice by capturing my reflection exactly the way it was shown to my eyes?”, or did my brain perceive it differently. I remember the mirror showing it much different, or was it my eye? What about the reflection, did my eye deceive? Does this happen just with me?

Questions apart, like I had mentioned above, I present you the other half of my face, with no makeup, with complete rawness. What is to be noticed is that, when I looked into the mirror, both the sides of my face looked acceptable to me. It looked similar, and somewhat satisfying to me. But here, in this picture, I see two halves, a clear distinguish between two halves.

   So, the point here is, do we really perceive what we see? how many times have we heard it from people that we do look fine?! How many times had we thought that we look pretty, like the every other person we meet, how many days had we felt beautiful from within? But do we really believe these, when we look into the mirror?received_10156617214963747-01

   Remember, I told you in my previous post that a large part of our self-image is formed based on how we view ourselves (When I am speaking about self-image, there is more than just physical appearance that decides it, over here I am sticking with talking about one concept at a time, because, easier that way!!)??

By this, what I am trying to say is, the image that we have created about ourselves, might not really be the image that others have of us!! Good or bad, Love or hatred… how ever you view yourself, is what is reflected by others mostly. Although you show self-love (while on the surface) in front of the mirror, but have self-doubt deep within, I guess the self-doubt is what would be reflected by the people around you, which would again leave you at the same place of doubt, by giving you questions of whether you are actually what you think you are!! Geddit?! To simply put it, what you feel about yourself in depth, is what will be reflected by people around you, although you want them to appreciate you, love you or care for you… because that’s how you think they view you too (which might/may not be the truth)!!!

Whatever you were as a child, and however you were told as a child, is what leads to your adult development… and hence, if you were given enough time to look at yourself, and communicate with the image of yourself (Talking to the mirror?!), maybe, you would have come to be a person who is more comfortable with loneliness, and self-companionship. If not, maybe, that could be a reason why you are not used to having just you as your own company, because of which today, you tend to have difficulties with having to be alone!! (This is not only the reason, and this is not the sure shot cause, it’s a maybe, hence do not rely just on this content)

From today, maybe, start looking at yourself in a loving manner, look at yourself with care, with affection, with confidence of who you think you are, do that everyday!! Reduce the amount of hatred you show in front of the mirror, just the mirror. Try this, and see if it makes a difference. If it does, do write back to me!! 🙂

E-mail: nichethingsfelt@gmail.com

(You can also find the instagram handle, and the URL for my facebook page in the website)

Happy living! 🙂

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