Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Hey guys,

After a short break, back with some concept.





   Mirrors, every girls love, every guys obsession, everybody uses it. Different places, different contexts, different uses, yet something is so special to it.

I see it, through it, I see me.


There have been so many times I have had deep hatred by the image it reflects, I have punched the mirror, but during the other times, I have also adored it with my complete heart. Mirrors have played one of the major roles in my childhood. The amount of time I spent in front of the mirror used to be an aspect of concern to my parents. They never understood, nor saw the need for the development of normal narcissism. Ask me what is narcissism? When we come across the term, we tend to think of it as something related to abnormality. But little do we know that narcissism is something that is of an utmost need for every developing human, it is almost like a necessary concept for healthy self-image. A growing child needs to look at himself/herself in a loving manner, in order to form a good image of self in the later life. A child has to love himself/herself enough, just so that, they don’t hate themself in the future, so that, they don’t stand puzzled as to from where all of those hatred came from. Mirrors, like I said, plays an important role, to the extent that you can’t imagine! 🙂

It is interesting to find how humans are the only species among animals, who start to develop an image of themselves of how they look and how they are perceived among people. For example, a dog while looking into the mirror, tends to get angry, afraid or like the image being reflected, and dogs tend to look at an other dog (that is, they think its the image of an other dog, as they do not have the capacity to recognize). As babies, we generally do not have an idea of how we look. The recognition of our own faces happens after quite some time, and the impression forms much later. We tend to form a collective image based on the pictures that we see, the stories that we hear, and from what we look today.

Every time we look into the mirror, we believe that’s how we look, whether we embrace/dislike the image is none of mirror’s concern, it reflects the image as it is. That is something that forms your external self, the overt image of who you are, what constitutes inside, follows much more, and is a combination of various factors in life.

Stay with this thought, Cya later.



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