My First Blog Post!!

Hello Everybody,

To talk about myself is something that I have not really fancied much, although, almost every day, at any given place or time, we are often expected to explain ourselves in order to introduce. For others to know who we are, for us to fine tune ourselves and prove ourselves who we are.

Who we are, and the way we define ourselves changes on an everyday basis. Doesn’t it? Today if you ask me who I am, I would probably give you a couple of my details with regard to the state of mind I am in, and how much of information I would want you to know. Based on the appropriateness, and the necessity I might change the way I introduce myself from person to person, and from place to place. Oh wait, there is something that I am forgetting… There are also a couple of things about ourselves, that we never use as a visiting card to define us, and neither do we accept those things about us”. We try hard and harder to push it under the blanket, and little do we realize that it is going to stay under the blanket, and will be available for us whenever we pull the blanket up. So yeah, enough of the confusion above, what I am trying to say is, who we are does not stop with a single definition that we give of us, or somebody else’s though about us. It is something that keeps getting altered and improving over time.

About me (as of now, this is how much I want you to know): I am named Nishalya, you can call me Nish, as it is shorter. I have completed my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and looking forward for a fulfilling career in the same. I am a person who empathizes with people, tries and understands the need, looks forward to serve what is needed. I belong to the mediocre group, which according to the stats, is the most population in India. I am looking forward to communicate with and to people about what interests me and is of public’s interest.

About the Blog: You can expect an interesting, and a viewer-friendly posts on Psychology, Art, Fashion, Tradition, Culture, Facts, DIY, Homemade solutions on self-care, etc. which would include my views and thoughts. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed from the readers/viewers on how it can be made better, what needs to be put up, and what should be on the blog, which will be taken into account based on consensus and availability of content.


Hope to have you reading my upcoming posts. Every week, there will be one post on psychology and related services, and there possibly will be one to two posts on other areas. Until next time…



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