Modern traditions! 

This is a blog post I have been postponing for quite some time. It was not just about contemplating what to write. But also about reading and collecting content so that I can give something that makes more sense than not! But that's no reason justifiable for my delay. I hope you have a good... Continue Reading →

Break the “MONOTONY”!

If you ask a group of dreaded people on what brought them the dread, you will see something in common! You will see a pattern, you will see a fixedness, a rigidity and a monotony! You will observe a fear of change, risk taking, and disapproval of flexibility! Why does monotony have such an impact?... Continue Reading →

New Year. New me! 

By the year coming to an end, we are almost looking at the different things that we did, and we failed at this year. We make so many plans in the first week/month of the year, and as days pass by, we struggle with holding on to it, we struggle to keep up with it,... Continue Reading →

Images and mirages!

Hi lovely readers. Let me first thank all of those lovely, patient and wonderful people who take time and read my long long posts. I hope it makes some difference in your lives. I sincerely ♥ heart ♥  you.  What do you think this post could be about? Image? Image of what? You?  It's the... Continue Reading →

Seas the day! :)

   I have been really lousy to write a blog post. But honestly, I have been super busy. I will make sure I will type out the blog posts on all those areas that I promised. But now, let's learn how to appreciate the little things in life, and overcome the fear that we've got. ... Continue Reading →

Self designed Happiness! 

I know I am not regular with my posts,  but please bare with me. I also thank those beautiful souls who have managed to read my long posts amidst their busy schedule. This one is going to be about what could possibly make you content.  Think. Try. And Take pride!  Happy reading!  There are sometimes... Continue Reading →

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