Self designed Happiness! 

I know I am not regular with my posts,  but please bare with me. I also thank those beautiful souls who have managed to read my long posts amidst their busy schedule. This one is going to be about what could possibly make you content.  Think. Try. And Take pride!  Happy reading!  There are sometimes... Continue Reading →

Mirror mirror everywhere?!

Tadaaaaaaa.......!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 After so long, saying "Hi" from somewhere in the world, in a teeny tiny comfy cozy bed. Why did it takenso long... Simple, the photographer did not comply with the mental image I had for this concept. Although the results aren't the way I expected, somewhere... something... somehow... (is better than... Continue Reading →

My First Blog Post!!

Hello Everybody, To talk about myself is something that I have not really fancied much, although, almost every day, at any given place or time, we are often expected to explain ourselves in order to introduce. For others to know who we are, for us to fine tune ourselves and prove ourselves who we are.... Continue Reading →

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